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  Technical Consulting  

Navision Applications Development
The Navision ERP application comes standard with its own easy to use development environment. Any unique business requirements can be easily incorporated by extending the application in the required areas. This could be as simple as a cosmetic field or screen change or could be as comprehensive as developing a completely new functional area/module. EBSA can provide applications development services as required.

Navision Add-On Management
Microsoft has a published global catalogue of registered Navision Add-Ons for particular vertical industries or business sectors. It is common practice for Navision business partners internationally to collaborate and share these Add-Ons in continuation of the trend to further globalise the Navision product. EBSA has experience in sourcing, localising, maintaining and supporting selected Navision Add-Ons to meet the specific needs of its customers.

Navision Forms Design and Customisation
Any Navision menu, report, screen layout or external form (Customer Invoice, Customer Statement, Purchase Order etc) can be customised to meet the exact requirements of the customer organisation. EBSA offers a full range of customisation services to achieve these outcomes for its customers.

Data Conversion
Navision’s comprehensive Dataport technology is used to accomplish data conversion, in a range of formats, of masterfile and transaction history data from legacy systems into any module within Navision. EBSA can assist in all areas of data cleansing, conversion and integrity checking following the extraction of data from legacy systems.

Technical Consultation

Interface Design and Build
EBSA has comprehensive experience in the development of specific interfaces between Navision and third party applications. These interfaces can be scheduled to automatically operate and occur repetitively/periodically based on business rules (e.g; automated EDI engine, two-way 3PL provider interfaces etc)

Other Technical Services

  • Navision version upgrades
  • Datawarehousing design & build
  • Hardware & Infrastructure design, sizing, & performance advice
For more information about these and other EBSA technical consulting services... contact us
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