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EBSA provides ongoing Navision support to our customers in the following key areas:

Applications Support
Keeping customers informed about Microsoft’s R&D directions in relation to the core Navision product and related technologies. Support in relation to the implementation of new or existing Navision functions and features as our customers’ business environment changes or as they have need. Navision Add-On support as required.

Technical Support
Ongoing technical support across the entire Navision product and its underlying technologies including; operating system, database, applications development additions/changes, interface maintenance, report development, Service Pack installation, problem resolution, bug-fix, escalation and tracking, system housekeeping and DBA advice or any other Navision related technical issues.

Version / Upgrade Support
Collaborative planning and commissioning of version upgrades and periodic Service Pack releases at customer sites. Provision of all functional and technical services and support associated with upgrade deployment, testing and cutover.

End-User Support
Ongoing functional and technical support for end-users of the Navision application across all modules, including additional training for new or existing users around new or existing features, problem identification and resolution, reconciliation assistance, hints and tips, troubleshooting, other enquiries and general assistance.

Support Services

On-site Support
Any support service can be provided on-site either as a scheduled activity or under a Service Level Agreement (SLA) tailored to each customer’s need.

Remote Support
Where customers are willing and able, we encourage remote access in order to provide more immediate and cost effective assistance regardless of geography or timezone and particularly at the time of an unexpected event or mishap. We have access to Microsoft local, regional and global support labs and infrastructure where escalation of a complex application or technical issue is required.

For more information about these and other EBSA support services... contact us
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