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Navision Implementation Services
EBSA personnel are trained and certified to offer a comprehensive range of implementation services in relation to both the Navision and ZAP application suites. The implementation services are performed giving full consideration to all outputs and deliverables derived during the performance of previously performed Business Consulting activities. Implementation services extend to include all aspects of application consulting and configuration, prototyping and proof-of-concept activities, conference room pilot (CRP), system testing, end-user training and any other application specific services required.

Application Consulting and Configuration
Navision application consulting and configuration services are delivered in a manner intended to optimise the use of the Navision ERP application and its various features and functions in a way that best suits the customer organisation and its business processes. Our knowledge and experience in the use of the Navision application coupled with our ability to consult with customer organisations about their specific business processes, integration requirements and points of difference or uniqueness, ensure that an optimal Navision setup and configuration can be achieved.

Conference Room Pilot (CRP) & System Testing
After configuring the Navision application in the most suitable manner for the customer organisation we collaboratively work with the end-users in a workshop environment to pilot an agreed set of processes and Navision transaction types to ensure the configuration fully supports the desired process and integration outcomes. The CRP exercise invariably highlights specific areas of application configuration for final finessing as well as ensuring all critical transaction types have been fully catered for. Following a successful CRP, full system, integration, volume and stress testing can be performed.

Business Consulting

End-User Training
EBSA offers a comprehensive range of end-user training services to assist our customers in the rapid mobilisation and effective adoption of the technology and applications deployed. These services can be tailored to suit the needs of specific end-users either individually or in groups and can include all aspects of Navision application navigation and use. If required, introductory training in Windows navigation and familiarity and technical aspects of the application and underlying infrastructure technologies can also be offered. Courses can be run onsite or offsite and can be tailored to the learning and competence levels of the individual attendees.

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